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Advanced Component, Inc.

1223 East Arques Avenue,
Sunnyvale, CA 94085 US

Tel: (408) 736-2000
Fax: (408) 736-2010
About Us
Company:DAIHEN Advanced Component, Inc.
Established:April 18, 1996
Address:1223 East Arques Avenue,
Sunnyvale, CA 94085 US
Tel:(408) 736-2000
Fax:(408) 736-2010
Email:sales@daihen-ac.com (Sales)
support@daihen-ac.com (Technical Support)
Corporate Headquaters
Company:DAIHEN Corporation
Established:December 1, 1919
Address:2-1-11 Tagawa, Yodogawaku,
Osaka, 532-8512. Japan

To Supply our Vacuum Environment Material Handling and RF transmission and Controls products to Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display and Solar, Equipment Manufacturers.

  • Generators & Tuners for Plasma Apparatus
  • Clean Transfer Equipment (Vacuum Environment Robots)
  • Controllers & Sensors
  • Packaged Software

To become the most valued supplier to the industries we serve.


DAIHEN has long done business with the founding spirit of High Quality, Low Prices and Prompt Delivery as our motto.We will continue to stand by this creed without change. By responsibly and knowingly putting our heart into our work, we want to maintain the trust of customers, suppliers and all of society.

We will meet the demands of today and tomorrow not only by developing new technologies for new fields of endeavor but also with a revolutionary forward-looking stance that breaks from conventional thought and behavior.

DAIHEN is helping society to grow under the slogan of Reliability and Creativity so that everyone can be happy.